This project stems from a collaboration with a real estate agency located in the West area of Portugal, north of Lisbon.

The West region is characterised by a pronounced, articulated orography, although not too severe. With a significant relief, the area is lashed by ocean winds that make it one of the ideal areas for wind turbine plants. The soil is very fertile and is one of the historic areas of wine production.


This particular bucolic and rural landscape is marked by a dense network of small urban centers, characterised by a strong volumetric and aesthetic variety.

The project stems from the need to create a prototype capable of adapting to the terrain, based on modular construction and cost effective. Simplicity and rationality are the keys to the design of these residences of approximately 200 sqm with three bedrooms and a courtyard.

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The rigid constructive and distributive rationality becomes the characterising feature of the design which is straightforward, modest, but at the same time elegant and sober. Instead of rely on addictions, by sticking useless frills, we worked by subtraction.

Three blocks are removed from the base volume to create the three main openings. Thi cuts becomes the brand identity of the houses. These openings create a recessed and protected area against the strong winds.

The modules can also be coupled and applied according to the main guidelines of the site. This way we can simply adapt this basic model to any situation. Flexibility and ease of construction remain a must of our proposal.

Lisbon, OESTE