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In Collaboration with GUMMAVITTA (2021)


Land Area: 7ha

TIERRA MASTERPLAN aims to lay the ground for a new community based not on shopping, tourism or exclusivity, but on the realities of the 21st century urban life


A more sustainable, medium-rise development that puts more emphasis on quality shared amenity spaces. Tierra's master plan comes from the necessity of re-designing a previews master plan with a weak vision and poor integration with the context. The mission is to create a new master plan reflecting a closer understanding of the place, the communities, and the environment. 


Our design focuses on giving more privilege to the green spaces and green integration, reducing the negative presence of vehicles to the minimum and thriving the social activities. Lesser underground excavation for a more viable overall investment. Lesser need to commute.

Special attention to be put on an efficient phasing that makes sure the best qualities of the existing site are maintained and evolve with the development into a modern, attractive new town centre where people want to be in.

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