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What is SUNYA?

"Sunya is a Sanskrit word meaning "zero," "nothing," "empty" or "void." It is derived from the root, svi, meaning "hollow." It is also the root word for sunyata, which means "emptiness" or "nothingness." Sunya is the state of nothingness."

Sunya means Zero.

We aim to start from zero when facing every new project or collaboration with a clear and crystal open mind. 

Instead of imposing a style, we prefer to listen to the client. Instead of repeating a predetermined pattern, we like to understand the context deeply. Thus, just as the Sunya represents the empty space necessary for something to happen, our studio aims to put the project at the centre of attention.


We don't aim to produce brands or Styles.

We aspire to unlock each project's unique and unrepeatable potential.

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