Almoçageme - Sintra PORTUGAL


Project delivered with CRIBS (2021)



With its forest built like a secret Eden, the grand Atlantic Ocean at its horizon, and a crystal blue sky, Quinta Da Pingateca is embedded in an extraordinary place gifted with all the necessary starting points for a unique project.


The modest and tiny town of Almoçageme is a village 30 min car driving from Lisbon, located on the northwest slope of the Serra de Sintra.

The first duty of the Concept is to respect the current state of things as much as possible. The conceptual and design approach aims to fit into the context of the Quinta Da Pingateca according to the philosophy of the minimum touch. It is imperative not to alter the existing balance and make the most of the original and high quality of the context, both local and the wide-ranging one of the Serra de Sintra.


The final goal is to create spaces that blend with the context most naturally and delicately possible to create the feeling of having always belonged to this beautiful place.

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