• Mauro Moro


#green #infrastructure #smart #urbandesign #Landscape

Can infrastructure return Nature back in place?

Can an urban landscape be lived as a 3-dimensional experience instead of an ordinary bidimensional park?

Can the urban space integrate and connect the surrounding buildings and become the medium to inject vital fluxes into them?

Can a project conciliate and gather extreme paradoxes, providing a space for permanence and crossing at the same time? An immovable but always changing place? A place that is both destination and journey?

These were the promises and objectives that guided our design and set our challenge.

We were inspired by Nature, and in this case, we were inspired by the tree trunk concept. What makes a tree live? And with it, the whole ecosystem based on that tree? Its fibrous woody bundles' system: the complex network of capillaries within which the lymph flows. This is the fundamental idea: to create a macroscopic version of an invisible system able to generate life through branches, leaves, and the relative connected fauna.

The porous structure works as the interior of a tree trunk in our proposal, absorbing nutrition from the pentathlon centre and subsequent sports venues (current or future ones). The network system will re-connect the green area from the north into a loop.

The infrastructure becomes the root of an ecosystem: the "sponge" plays as media to transfer nutrition to the mall (people transit, activities, commuting, connections, etc.) and the inner vessels (commercial, social, park, urban space, etc.).

The intricate branches will provide links to the surrounding buildings. The landscape foliage and green components will provide comfort, purify the air, reduce temperature, and act as a positive counterweight to urban stress. Finally, the flexibility of space, the adaptability of programs and the rich articulation of the landscape will turn this network into a smart infrastructure.

More than just a response to a brief, this really can become the very first pilot project for the future of developments. A new radical approach. A new way of seeing and conceiving the urban space. The Return to Nature.