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  • Mauro Moro

Sunya Studio wins urban intervention competition in Shanghai

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We are honoured and glad to be awarded in this challenging competition for the renewal of Shanghai CBD.

Designing and working in this area was a demanding but rewarding experience.

The competition allowed us to re-think the Urban Space, the Built Environment and the End-User life in one of the most congested and busy areas on the planet.

We aim for two main objectives:

  1. Re-introduce Nature in an area dominated by buildings and infrastructures;

  2. Create a fertile substrate for all the users (workers, residents, Visitors, etc.) able to provide valuable alternatives and future opportunities;

We chose to keep our approach as simple and as realistic as possible to approach such a complexed and multilayered system. We step away from iconic parametrical shape and urban cliches. The design must be revolutionary yet practical. Intense yet honest. Innovative yet permeable and customizable to everyone.

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