Mauro Moro


I am an architect, urban sketcher, design leader and published author. Each of these roles stems from my prolific creativity, which sits at the heart of my life as a designer.

I am never content to sit and live with what is. I am a creator and always on the move to be part of the act of creation. As an architect, I have diverse experience from working in the design industry all over the world.

This in-depth knowledge has given me some insight into a wide variety of topics and this, coupled with a strong desire to create, led to a new journey.

I have maturated my competency by working as a design leader for studios like HASSELL and WOODS-BAGOT, where I learned the importance and relevance of the Design Process. This experience taught me that creativity only is not enough. You must endurance it with discipline and method. Great ideas never come like that: they come by the perfect collaboration of intuition, experience, teamwork and methodology.


My mission is not limited to help you to achieve your goal. To hit your target. Instead, it is to get beyond it. It is to provide you with the best solution. My mission is a constant pursuit of the best design. 

Co-Founder | Architect | Head of Design

BArch (Hons), MScArch 


+351 924 023 739

+65 8571 8644