Leh - Kashmir, INDIA



Project delivered with a team @ HASSELL 


Leh represents an undeniable unique context. The extreme environment conditions in symbiosis with its very strong cultural/ethnic context creates a big challenge for design. This delicate relationship between environment and anthropic presence is a tangible value, very evident and will be respected as much as possible in our proposal: it is a priority for our design approach to respect the “Genius Loci” in order to provide an Airport Terminal well integrated in its context.

The concept is to work with Leh unique landscape. For this reason the Airport Terminal Building must come from the earth. The Terminal envelope is made of earth and like a dry clod, detaches, peels and rises up from the soil surface. The desertic environment suggested the way to link this big scale structure to the context. Our proposal strongly avoids a simple drop of an object out of its context onto the site: the design aims to blend, to merge the Terminal with its environment as much as possible.


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